Shelter Cat Gives Her Sister a Tight Hug After Leaving for a Few Minutes!

These two ginger kitties came to the Cumberland County animal shelter in Fayetteville, North Carolina together. They were completely inseparable. When her sister came back after leaving the cage for a couple of minutes, the shelter cat gave her the tightest hug ever.

The 5 months-old kitty has a protective big sister which worries a lot about her. It seemed like the kitty couldn’t be happier that her sister is back. Her adorable hug showed just how much she missed her. Luckily they were never separated.

At first, they were taken to a foster care at Katies Furever Furbabies Sanctuary in North Carolina. There they got proper vet examination and then they were ready for adoption. Very soon after, the two orange sisters found their forever home. No one had the heart to split them up and now they are properly taken care of, receiving lots of love and affection.

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