Shelter Cat Finds a Creative Way to Get Noticed for Adoption!

It is rough out there for shelter cats. There are too many cats and too little people that want to adopt. Sigmund is a shelter cat that learnt and understood that competition is tough so he took matters into his own paws.

unique shelter cat gets addopted 2
Photo Credits: Cat Haven

The Shelter Cat Is Cleaning His Way out of There…

To be noticed, Sigmund tried a tactics that is neat in a way. This shelter cat is cleaning his windows with his tongue. At first when you look at the pictures you will find this acting weird but actually it’s not. Sigmund found a way how to attract foster families and to ‘’sell’ himself. I mean, he has to, right, it is a jungle out there.

unique shelter cat gets addopted 4
Photo Credits: Cat Haven

After being noticed for what he was doing, there were several families that have asked about him and luckily one adopted him. Unfortunately the family brought him back to the shelter after two weeks and Sigmund was a shelter cat once again.

Basically the foster family returned Sigmund for being a cat – playful and grumpy! But you can’t blame them, it is even better to return it so he can find a truly loving family and a forever home.

unique shelter cat gets addopted 1
Photo Credits: Cat Haven

Sigmund continued with his cleaning, not being depressed at all and minding his own business when another family noticed him. They fell in love with him at first sight. This shelter cat used a unique method to get adopted and eventually it worked. His new human father was pleased to tell us that the first thing Sigmund did was give their house windows a new fresh wash. Even though he has a strange way of getting noticed the new foster family doesn’t mind at all.

unique shelter cat gets adopted 3
Photo Credits: Cat Haven

Sigmund was a shelter cat for few years and finally he found a way how to get noticed and worked on how to get a ‘’clean’’ adoption.


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