Shy Cat Greets Her New Daddy at Shelter with a Big Long-Lasting Hug!

Symphony was a rescue cat waiting to find a new family at the Purrfect Pals adoption center. When this shy cat met her new daddy for the first time, she wrapped her arms around him.

The two year-old kitty was very reserved and it seemed like she didn’t trust humans a lot. Since she needed to get socialized, she was given to a foster family. The timid kitty was doing much better and was ready for adoption.

When they brought her back to the sanctuary, she met her new family. Lia and Larry are both volunteers at Purrfect Pals and they were the first humans that she met. They had no idea that Symphony is going to choose them to be her new human parents. When she gave Larry a big hug, there was no way that they are not going to adopt her.

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