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Siamese Cat Offers Motherly Love to Abandoned Chihuahua Puppies

Something curious happened in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals- SPCA. A Siamese cat was ready and willing to take two Chihuahua puppies under her protection. After her mother refused them, this cat proved to be a real hero with a non-judgmental state of mind. She accepted them just by shortly sniffing them, without any adjustment periods.

According to Debra Cantwell, an adoption coordinator in the Society for the Preservation of Cruelty to Animals, the Siamese cat was the only option for these puppies. Their mother had prematurely given birth to four puppies, two of which died. She did not want to see or have anything to do with the two that survived.

That’s when Debra remembered that they also have a nursing cat of which the SPCA takes care. She decided to give it a try and present the puppies to the Siamese cat. Her reaction couldn’t have been more astounding. She took them as her own.

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