This Siamese Cat Is Laughing So Hard That It Will Creep You Out!

We have all seen a lot of crazy videos around the internet however, this is the first time we see a video like the one below. The Siamese cat is laughing hard and we must admit it gives us some really mean vibes.

Whether or not these are noises which the cats makes or fake we are not 100% sure. However, there is no way we can say that it is not quite an amusing video regardless. This Siamese cat makes the weirdest and craziest laughing sounds and to be really frank it is pretty creepy.

It definitely makes her look like and evil villain from a cartoon who recently has taken over the world. Now she is prepared to laugh in everyone’s face that she has finally made it.

Do you think it’s fake or not?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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