Siamese Cat Smelling Catnip for the First Time! She Took It Like a Boss!

The videos of your fluffy members of the family trying something for the first time are always ridiculous. This video of Siamese cat smelling catnip for the first time is priceless. Even though it does not last long, it really seems like a movie in which you wonder who the killer is until the end. Same happened with the video.

So, as you can see the catnip is put on the table and the Siamese beauty is directly diving into it. Her reaction is a bit strange, but extremely cute. After every sniff she falls sideways on the table and turns around. Then she gets up and sniffs the catnip again. And this happens over and over, it’s hilarious.

She also likes it, scatters it all over the table and then again falls with her back on the table. It may seem like she is overdosed, but at the end, she gets bored and leaves the table like a real ninja.

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