In Need of Exercises? This Cat Can Be Your Personal Trainer!

Got fat during the holidays? Want the perfect beach body? Six pack? Need new exercises? No problem! We present you the Jane Fonda of cats! This cat is the greatest workout motivation ever! Having doubts? Watch the video and see this cat spending some calories!

Take the hints of this a bit chubby cat and learn her routine! It is not complicated at all. Just a few series of abdominal crunches! Or maybe the exercises look more like sit ups. I honestly do not know. But, what I surely know is that this cat has more stamina than me. She makes a series, then makes a short break, and then continues with another short series of this exercise. I would stop after the first one!

However, seeing a cat exercising is a rather unusual and moment that should be cherished. And of course, a funny moment! The way the cat moves her head and legs is hilarious! But, the willingness is what really counts!

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