Sleepy Kitten Has a Hilarious Response to His Human Coughs!

Our lovely kittens have different responses when it comes to things that we do. Usually they might get scared and jumpy whenever we sneeze or cough especially when they are asleep. This sleepy kitten on though makes the most adorable noises ever.

Whenever we do something which is loud and doesn’t often happen they seem to get very irritated and confused. Unlike this cat who is totally calm and collected and not bothered by his human’s coughs at all.

His owner claims that whenever he coughs and sneezes this beauty always makes a quacking noise and luckily he took a video of it. He also said that it doesn’t matter is he is asleep or just chilling awake he still does the same sounds. It is absolutely adorable and is definitely something worth listening to.

Has your cat ever made these noises before?

Tell us if it has happened in the comments below.

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