This Sleepy Parrot Loves to Cuddle Next to His Dad! But His Next Move Will Crack You Up!

Little birds can just as cute as any other pet. When they have the ability to speak though, they become ever cuter. This little sleepy parrot called Pedro has a really adorable sleeping ritual.

What he loves to do before he goes to sleep in cuddle with his dad. He would fly over to his dad’s tummy and gets prepared to take his precious nap. As if this is not already super cute, Pedro likes to do something which makes him even sweeter.

The little budgie loves to talk to himself until he falls asleep. In the video you will be able to see what kind of things Pedro says during his bedtime routine. We promise it is going to be worthwhile to watch it and will most likely bring a smile on your face.

Isn’t it really funny?

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