Sleepy Siamese Ragdoll Kitten Shows Love to Her Mama with the Cutest Purring!

For all those who think that cats do not get excited when their human gets home this Siamese Ragdoll kitten is going to prove you wrong.

While people always talk how much their dogs miss them and can’t wait for them to get home, cats clearly miss their owners just as much. The little kitty named Billie was sound asleep when his human got home. At first, it seems like she is not so interested, but as soon as he approaches her, she releases some of the most adorable sounds you will ever hear.

The 12 week-old kitten was extremely sleepy, but still managed to show a lot of excitement that her human is finally next to her. You can hear her really loud purrs and just how much she loves to be pet.

Isn’t she adorable?

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