The Real Life Simba! Small Lion Cub Practices His ‘Powerful’ Roar!

Lions are one of the most intimidating big cats in the wild, but this small lion cub still has a long way to go before he becomes one of them.

Not all big cats are able to release a powerful roar like lions do. The reason behind this is that lions and tigers have their vocal folds shaped differently. They are mostly triangular, but these cats have their protrusions square shaped and flat.

It seems like tiny cubs are not really able to produce these scary sounds. This really cute lion cub has been practicing his roar and it is the most adorable thing ever. What he probably thinks is going to frighten everyone, just ends up being extremely cute. However, we bet that in no time he will manage to produce the scariest roars in the world.

Isn’t he absolutely intimidating?

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