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Not an Everyday Sight – This Fluffy Dog Is Obsessed With Befriending the Cat!

Solomon breaks the myth about cats and dogs not liking each other. After this fluffy dog has been brought to the house, the already inhabited, and of course, vain and territorial Watson, a cat, rejected and ignored his presence. But Solomon never stopped making efforts.

This deliriously cute dog was determined to make Watson his friend. Solomon was constantly following Watson everywhere. When the cat was standing on the stairs, on the couch, in his bed, in front of the TV, under the table or any place else, Solomon was also there. Jumping, sniffing and trying to get Watson’s attention.

Solomon was even brave enough and his will to socialize was so strong that he even approached the cat when he was eating. And, the cat, of course was rejecting Solomon all the time. But, efforts pay off eventually! After 11 weeks of hard work and constant efforts to befriend the cat, Solomon finally succeeds. They are now the best of friends and they even sleep together on the couch.

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