House Male Cat Brings up Two Adorable Rescue Kittens!

When a family adopted two rescue kittens, their older male cat took them in and decided to raise them by himself.

When Sora met Amelie and Canele he was a bit reserved. However, he could’t resist the two siblings who wouldn’t stop cuddling against him. Soon he started to groom them and even carry them around just like a cat mother would.

Their new 3 year-old dad quickly became their role model. They learned a lot of feline things from him such as drinking water from a bowl.

Photo credits: Rie @riepoyonn

Sora started taking care of the two kittens when they were only 2 months-old. Eight months later this feline family is as happy as it could ever be and the kittens still cuddle next to their dad all the time. Thanks to all the love and attention Sora gave them, Amelie and Canele have grown into beautiful and smart kitties.

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