SPCA Grants the Final Wish for Their Hospice Patient – Snuggling with Kittens!

One of the residents at Groves Community Hospice is a huge cat lover. The Hospice patient really wanted to cuddle and hold a kitten and to her surprise her dream came true. However, instead of one kitten the SPCA brought her a basket full of kittens.

The Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas was more than delighted to grant this wish for Carol. She was completely speechless and overwhelmed with joy when she saw them. The little and adorable kittens were crawling on her shoulders and resting in her arms.

They managed to bring so much happiness for this lady just by being themselves. Super cute and cuddly balls of fur. Carol will probably never forget the day that she was finally able to snuggle with so many kittens. During such a hard time these kitties had the power to bring a smile back on her face.

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