Mac The Special Needs Cat Finds the Perfect Human Dad!

When a couple from New York found a kitty stuck in a gutter, they had no idea that they will have such a unique bond with the helpless kitten. The special needs cat found a family where he fits in perfectly.

Lauren and Joel took Mac to the vet 25 times in two months and found out that he has a couple of health problems. Mac only has half of his nostril, a cleft pallete and cardio myopathy which is hardening his arterial walls. Unfortunately due to his condition Mac’s life span is going to be shorter than other cats.

In 1984 Joel had an open-heart surgery. He got the hole in his heart fixed, but the blood he received turned out to be contaminated with H.I.V. This is why Joel and Mac have such an amazing and special connection. Mac managed to find his soulmate and a family that loves him unconditionally.

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