Squirrel Frequently Visits This Family! 8 Years Later She Comes Again Asking for Help!

In 2009 a family in South Carolina saved a baby squirrel from an owl attack. The 4 weeks-old baby they later named Bella was badly injured, but the loving family made sure she will be OK. They kept her till 2010 when she was healthy and strong enough to be released in the wild. They didn’t think they would see their new friend ever again. However, Bella has been visiting them very frequently over the course of 8 years and would wait by the window until someone notices her.

Squirrel tapping window 8 years family babies 5

During her stay with Brantly Harrison and her family, she got really attached to all the family members and she even began trusting their friends.

One day when she visited them her leg was injured and she knew that these humans will do anything they can to help her. They gave her antibiotics and soon she was feeling a lot better. What they discovered next, was completely unexpected.

Right before she was ready to go back in the wild, they went to check on her in her rehabilitation cage and couldn’t believe what they were looking at. Their little friend gave birth to 3 tiny squirrels and she decided to share this chapter of her life with the humans who love her and care for her. The Harrisons couldn’t be happier that the tiny squirrel they once saved wants them to be a part of her little family.

Bella was clearly sure that this is the right place where she can raise her little babies, away from all the danger in the wild. Once her babies are all grown up and strong enough, they are all going to be able to roam in the wild together. We bet that even then, the squirrel family is going to keep tapping on the window, so they can hang out with their favorite humans.

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