Caught in the Act! Meet the Thieving Cat Dennis!

Dennis is a notorious thieving cat during the night but, boy he is the sweetest cat during the day! This tuxedo cat is so loving and cuddling that his human parents forgive him stealing from their neighbors.

This Thieving Cat Doesn’t Stop Even After Two Years…

Dennis was adopted when he was only six weeks old. His parents showed him so much love and affection; he turned into a loving cat. When he turned six months they noticed a change in him. That is the time when they noticed strange things turning up at their house. Things they know don’t belong to them and remember they haven’t bought. But things kept showing up at their house. They never suspected to their sweet kitty, never expected their fluffy tux is a thieving cat!

So time passed by with them wondering what is going on. At first they suspected that it might be the other cats Dennis is brought into the house. But things kept showing up; T-shirts, underwear, jeans, blouses, footballs, sponges – all your everyday things. At a certain point Dennis’s parents decided to put a camera above the cat’s door and see what is going on. Boy, were they in a big surprise. Every night around 2 AM when his parents were sound asleep Dennis is on the hunt. And he is not hunting anything else but other people’s clothes!

Once the daylight starts to shine Dennis quickly tries to wake up his momma to show her what he has for her! Even though it is very early when he is waking her, she says it is very important for her to get up. Dennis is a kind of cat that needs to be acknowledged.

The neighborhood knows about this sweet thieving cat, but doesn’t seem to mind. As for Dennis’s parents well, they need to work on his way of saying he loves them!

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