A Stray Cat With Large Ears Asks a Woman for Help! Look at her Now!

The kitten with large ears is called StellaLuna. She appeared in a backyard one day and came close to a woman asking for help.

The woman contacted Carmen Weinberg of Animal Friends Project Inc. which is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Carmen took her for some examination and unfortunately she had mange which is a skin disease. When they took her back home for a couple of days Carmen used coconut oil to help her with the condition.

The poor 4 month-old kitten was finally getting the proper nutrition and care. Soon enough she will no longer be just skin and bones. The best part is that besides all that she had to go through, StellaLuna still loves to cuddle and purrs all the time. With her hairs growing back she will be much better in no time.

Isn’t she lovely?

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Photo Credits: Carmen Weinberg from Animal Friends Project Inc.

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