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Unbreakable Friendship – Stray Cat Leads the Way and Helps a Blind Dog!

Tervel is a blind dog which had a problem getting around most of his life. When a stray cat became a part of his family, he was finally able to walk around easily without hurting himself.

Tervel is 14 year-old chocolate lab which besides his blindness is also partially deaf. He lost his sight when he was a puppy. According to his human Ann, Tervel ended up blind because he was thrown against a wall. Before Pudditat got adopted, he was bumping into things all the time. The kitty definitely made his life a lot easier.

Pudditat doesn’t get along with most cats, but surprisingly he loves Tervel. The two spend most of their time together. Whenever they are outside Pudditat always leads the way and Tervel no longer struggles and gets hurt. It seems like this cat knew how vulnerable Tervel was and decided to become his guide cat.

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