Tiny Stray Kitten Followed a Man and His Dog All the Way Home! One Year Later…

Jon Nienaber and his wife Leslie were aware that there are a lot of feral cats around their neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. However, they had no idea that one day they would meet one little stray kitten who is going to be so determined to become a part of their family.

The little kitten named Pinot followed Jon and his dog home, but unfortunately they already had three cats and it was hard for them to take care of Pinot as well. However, Leslie came up with a great idea and gave the kitten to her sister Sarah.

A year after living with his new and happy family Pinot has grown into a beautiful cat. His biggest obsession are Q-tips and he loves to sleep in boxes.

Isn’t he absolutely stunning?

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Photo Credits: Leslie Nienaber

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