Determined Street Cat Broke Into A Car To Ask For Love!

The world is not fully aware of stray cats and their need for shelter. However, there are less and less people willing to help a street cat. Modern life doesn’t even give people the chance to adopt cats since they spend their life working.

Luckily there are people that are somewhat willing in a way to help animals by volunteering at the shelters and at least feed the street cats.

Street Cat Bengal Leo Breaks Car Into Burcu Turkey Rescue 1

The Street Cat Leo & His Rescue Plan!

This is a story about a street cat that couldn’t find home and the closest he could get to human love was being fed every day by a volunteer. One day, Leo the tabby cat took matters to his own paws and made an incredible move. He got inside the volunteers car and refused to leave.

The volunteer would go every day at the street where Leo and his friends live and she would feed them, but besides that there was not more she could do. Until one day when Burcu was feeding the street cats and she noticed that once she entered the car and tried to make her way home, there was Leo waiting for her. He wouldn’t move and seemed he wasn’t even trying to get out of the car.

At that point Burcu realized that this little guy was determined to find love and a forever home. She immediately felt that she was the one that can help him do that. It took a while to find him a foster home but it was worth waiting. Leo, this former street cat, now has a loving mom and home and is not outside the streets anymore.

The most interesting thing about this story is that word got out and now Burcu has to deal with cats breaking in every day while she is trying to feed them! It seems like every street cat that she is feeding wants to use her as a middle man to find a loving home.

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