This Street Musician Has the Best Audience Ever!

Who said that animals can’t make an audience? When this street musician was performing his daily act he had the best surprise ever. Having an act that will attract a big crowd it’s difficult sometimes, because people don’t have time to stay and listen or they just don’t like what they hear. But these little kittens had the joy of their life when they first come up to this street musician.

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Little Kittens Recognized the Talent in This Street Musician!

The man was performing without an audience when he was getting ready to call it quits something unbelievable happen; a couple of kittens showed up in front of him and they started bobbing their heads as if they were enjoying to the thing they were listening. The street musician was happily surprised and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw them enjoying. Seeing them made him stay a little longer and give the new crowd a small show.

To everyone’s surprise the audience was happy and enjoying the show and the artist was more than pleased to have this kind of audience to give the show. They all enjoyed and had the time of their life.

The kittens enjoyed, apparently, but what’s more important is that they showed to people walking by that this street musician was offering something worth listening and more that worth to stop a while and appreciate it. The funny thing is that these kitties are appreciating his music more than most of the walkers by do.

This is a proof that animals can show solidarity and humanity more than we can! As a great ending to this story, I would say an expected twist happened, the street musician adopted the few months old kittens and now they can keep him company when he performs at the streets and the kitties, well they get to enjoy his music with the pure love they have for it.

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