It’s Time for the Super Kitten Bowl – the Cutest Competition for Cats!

For the fourth time Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl was the perfect show for every cat lover. They prepared a line-up which could probably melt the hearts of the biggest cat haters in the world.

The show is filled with playful kittens ready to steal everyone’s heart. Over 100 kitties got the chance to show the world their cuteness and their amazing talent. Some might be more athletic than others, but regardless they are all really adorable. Every single one of the kittens was provided by North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. The best part is that these wonderful cathletes were all up for adoption right after the taping of the show. Thanks to the Kitten Bowl, they got the chance to find forever home.

These kittens have set the bar really high. It will be hard for tomorrow’s match between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles to top the Kitten Bowl.

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