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Sweet Dog Has a Hilarious Response to His Owner Who Just Brought a Cat in the House!

Do you believe that if you have a talking dog you could solve one of the biggest mysteries in the world of all times!? How many times have you wished your sweet dog to be able to talk back at you when you need a friend’s advice?!

Sweet Dog Response talking Tabby Kitten House Owner 1

Sweet Dog Can’t Wait Long Enough to Meet His Tabby Kitten…

The idea for this video was from Andrew Grantham. He went from curious to creative and made this funny video that went viral successfully. The video is that good because of the perfect synchronization of the dog’s expressions and reactions to his ‘’human’’ voice. The video starts with the news that Andrew went to the store to get tabby cat for the dog. The dog is overjoyed from the news and can’t wait to meet the kitty. Especially since the dog is the one that was asking for a kitty for a friend.

The perfect timing of the dog’s reactions and his ‘’words’’ makes the video hilarious and extraordinary. The entire conversation between Andrew and the dog is an actual misleading talk that the owner hasn’t taken a cat, but he was only looking at the other animals at the pet shop.

Some of the examples of a perfect synchronization are when Andrew tells the dog that he was looking at the snakes and the dog takes out his tongue being disgusted by the idea. Or when the owner tells him about looking at the hermit crabs and the dog seems obviously annoyed and shouts: ‘’Oh, come on!”

Eventually a sound from a kitty can be heard in the distance. That is the moment when the dog realizes that he finally got his friend.

Andrew made this video with the help of Pets Add Life, an organization that advocates cats being adopted not bought, just like the one Andrew has.

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