Taking a Group Photo of Adorable Baby Kittens Can Be Quite Difficult!

Trying to take a photo with just one adult cat can be very difficult. However, taking a group photo with 10 baby kittens is practically impossible.

The person from this video had a cute idea in mind and if it worked, we bet it would have resulted in the most adorable photo in the world. Every single one of the little kittens is extremely cute, so having a photo of each one of them separately would be great as well.

However, this time around a group photo was needed, but the little energetic kittens had no plans to stay in place and pose for it. Instead, they give their human a really hard time trying to get them together in one spot. As soon as he manages to put most of them together, some of them just wander off, not caring about the photo at all.

Aren’t they the cutest?

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