Experiment: Is the Butt Scratch Reflex Present in All Cats?

Cats, as well as almost all other beings on the Earth, have their erogenous zones that arouse them or make them feel pleased and satisfied. The butt scratch reflex is one of the triggers of these feelings, but is it functioning in all types of cats? The answer of this question lies in one practical research that included domestic and wild cats.

It is clear that it functions with domestic cats, but what is rather interesting is the wild cats. More precisely, the African wild cats, did not give any feedback to the butt scratch reflex, no reaction, nothing. The research included cheetah, servals, caracals, leopards and even lions. None of them had a reaction to the butt scratch reflex similar to the one shown by the domestic cats.

Therefore, you must find new erogenous zones to the wild cats if you want them to be satisfied by you grooming them.

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