Criminals Be Afraid! This is TIA – New Zealand’s Crime-Fighting Police Cat!

Forget all about the K9s and other police dogs. Whoever thinks that dogs are the only animal suitable for doing police work are clearly wrong. New Zealand has their own police cat “helping out” with the crimes.

The lovely cat accompanies her owner senior constable Kerry Morrell at the office, where she would definitely sniff out all the crime. In her adorable police vest, Tia surely looks like she can hunt down any criminal, especially when she goes on top of the police car. A place from which our little hero will be able to spot anyone.

While the field work might still be a bit more suitable for the dogs, Tia is obviously the mastermind in the office. There isn’t a single rodent that could sneak in the office, not on her watch.

Do you think it’s possible for cats to help with investigations?

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