Time-Lapse: Two Puppies Run for Their Delicious Meal as They Grow Up!

There are clearly some things in life that never change. One of those things is how these two puppies run as fast as they can whenever dinner time comes.

Their humans made a lovely time-lapse of this cute little ritual. The Golden Retriever pups get really excited when it is time to munch on some really tasty food. They probably really want to eat all in one go, but the slow-feeder bowls are stopping them from it.

You can see Colby and Bleu since they were only 11 weeks-old and they were definitely always eager to get to their food as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter if you see them when they are 20 or 46 weeks-old, they are still the same lively dogs who love to eat some yummy food.

Isn’t this fantastic?

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