A Very Tiny Kitten Abandoned by Her Mother Got a Second Chance in Life!

A very tiny kitten named Sansa was rejected by her mother. The kitten desperately needed someone to take care of her and luckily a kind man decided to give her a forever home.

Alan stated that the kitten’s mom didn’t like her as much as she liked the rest of the litter. She was neglected and really needed someone to feed her and give her lots of love. This is where Alan stepped in. When he brought her into his home and gave her some food the little baby fell asleep between his feet.

They fed her with kitten formula and made sure that she is well taken care of. She enjoys boxes and loves to play and cuddle with her humans. She has grown a lot and lives in a very happy and loving family.

Hasn’t she grown into a beautiful lady?

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Photo Credits: alanzgweb via Imgur

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