After Being Rescued, Tiny Stray Kitten Devours Her First Meal!

Cats living on the street can have a really hard time searching for food. Especially when it comes to kittens. This tiny stray kitten was completely starving when she was brought to a local shelter. She really enjoyed her first meal and you can see that from all the food which got stuck on her face.

Luckily for her, she was found by really kind humans who took her to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts. There she was finally able to munch on some really delicious food. Having the face covered with food might not be cute when it comes to humans, but this is definitely not the case with this lovely kitten. Even though she is a sloppy eater she is nevertheless adorable.

With the helping hand of the adoption counselor, the cute tuxedo kitten started learning how to eat on her own.

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