Tiny Tabby Kittens Were Spotted Wrapped Around Their Sister to Keep Her Warm!

A small litter of three kittens was found and the two tabby kittens were wrapped around their little trembling sister trying to keep her safe.

On a hot summer day Megan Sorbara received a message that the kittens were found and they needed some help. They were gathered together and it really seemed like the tabby kittens were protecting their tiny sister, who had a hard time even walking on her own.

Tiny tabby kittens wrapped around siste keep warm 5

Sorbara, who is the president of Naples Cat Alliance, took the cuties to the shelter. From what they could see the white kitten had a really healthy appetite and didn’t have any health issues. However, she had problems with her balance and her head was tilted to the left.

The shelter was doing their best trying to find their mother and reunite them with her, but in the meantime Sorbara’s dog Betsy was taking care of them. Since she loves cats, she had no problem being their foster mom.

The tabby kittens were named Praline and Pistachio, while the white kitten was named Coconut. With the help of Betsy and Sorbara, who was bottle feeding them, the kittens became a lot stronger. Coconut was getting better every day and eventually she was even able to keep her head straight.

After a good while they finally managed to get their mom, which was giving them a really hard time by avoiding their trap. However, the adorable family was reunited and the kittens were finally getting taken care of by their own mother Vanilla Bean.

Now the three kittens are adopted and live a very happy life with their new family. They are all grown up and absolutely beautiful. There is one thing that never changed though, they still love cuddling with their gorgeous sister Coconut.

Photo Credits: Naples Cat Alliance

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