Do You Have a Toilet Paper Destroyer at Your House?

Cats at times can make a lot of mischief and we always forgive them in the end. It is simply impossible to stay mad, when your feline buddy looks at you with those pretty little eyes and rubs himself from you. Cole and Marmalade’s humans definitely love their furry companions even though they do have a toilet paper destroyer in their home.

Completely ruining the toilet paper was Marmalade’s favorite activity. Her human’s caught her doing it on camera and we are very lucky that we can see how she creates the toilet paper art. Since Cole is such a good brother, he inspires her to do her next masterpiece by pulling the paper first. From that point on, Marmalade had everything under control and didn’t need any help. She is the ultimate destroyer and can easily do it all by herself.

Do you have a destroyer at your home?

Let us know in the comment below.

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