Top 5 Cats from Movies That Are Better Actors Than Vin Diesel!

I would like to start this article, quoting a very wise woman, also known as me. It goes: „I don’t care who dies in a movie as long as the dog/cat lives “. It’s true for so many reasons. I mean, cats from movies as well as dogs have proven to be more loyal and hilarious partners in crime than any human in a movie or in real life. We are sure that as long as we feed them, they gonna stay with us. It doesn’t get simpler than that, does it? So make sure that you’ve got your stacks full of dog/cat food and you’ll do just fine.

In the wisdom of these mere words of mine, you’ll read more about these five most famous cats from movies.

The Sweet & Nock-Over Stories of the Cats from Movies:

1. Mr. Bigglesworth in “Austin Powers”

Mr. Bigglesworth is the hairless cat owned by Douglas Powers in the movie series of Austin Powers. It’s a Sphynx cat, whose name originally is Ted Nudegent. At the beginning of the series, Mr. Bigglesworth was a Persian cat who lost its hair because of the cryogenic capsule. As rumour has it, he and Mike had this incredible on-screen connection. Namely, Ted would sit in Mike’s lap and purr his meows off. He was napping for so long that they had to delay the filming on multiple occasions.

2. Tom Brand in “Nine Lives”

Nine lives. It’s a 2016 movie, starring Kevin Spacey, playing another egomaniacal prick, who just like that turns into a sassy household cat to learn how to be a better husband and parent. Spacey’s character, Tom Brand, is a Donald Trump-like New York real estate douche, hung up on designing the city’s highest skyscraper to the means where he simply forgets that his wife exists. Well wife, your dresses ain’t gonna buy themselves.

Deaf to his daughter pines for a cat, Tom refuses to buy her a cat. However, his little girl manages to claw her way up to her father’s cold heart and he buys her a cat from a spooky, enchanted cat store. The cat, Mr. Fuzzypants picks him and he takes him home.

Headed towards his daughter’s party, Tom has an accident. After getting out of the coma, he wakes up to discover that he’s been trapped in a cat’s body. Fortunately, his family adopts him, which is hilarious if we were 10 years old, but this way it’s just plain lazy and unoriginal. As you may imagine, the now new cat has to change its ways in order to come back into his original, human form. Never seen that one before, huh?

3. Milo in “The Adventures of Milo & Otis”

Next on our popular cats from movies list is: The Adventures of Milo and Otis. Wherever shown, the movie was a jack black to film critics and overall audience. The action of this movie is equivalent to your sex life, but it’s perfect for children. Cat fanatics will go crazy over the ginger, reckless Milo and his adventures. All starts as a game of hide and seek between Milo and Otis, when Milo jumps into a wooden box floating on the river and his pal Otis rushes off to save him. The rest, you’ll have to watch and see.

4. Jones in “Alien”

Jones, or Jonsey, from „Alien“was a ginger tomcat, whose original goal was to watch over rodents on the ship and to amuse the crew on the long journeys. Jonsey was put in cryo-sleep after surviving the encounter with the Alien and escaping the Nostromo with Ripley.

5. Jinxy In “Meet the Parents”

And last but not the least, I give you Jinxy from Meet the Parents. It’s a semi-fun story on the subject cats from movies, but considering the amount of people who loved The Twilight, I guess this one will be laughing your buttocks out hilarious. What I find funny is that the star of the movie Robert De Niro fell in love with the Focker family cat so much that he pleaded that Mr. Jinx appear in more scenes. It was a lovely cat indeed.

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Featured image credits: Cats On Film

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