Top 7 Hiding Spots for CATS in Your House!

Every once in a while cats need to take a break. They need a break from all the sleeping around the house and from you. So they can ignore you even more by finding the best hiding spots around the house, where they can be in absolute peace.

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The Most Common Hiding Spots for Your Feline!

Cats love to hide around to house because it makes them feel safe and reduces their stress levels. Pretty much like us humans sometimes they just really need to take a break from everything. The cats from this video for example use their best hiding spots not only to reduce their stress. Some of them clearly just really want to be silly and are being very playful.

The first hiding place is in the closet on top of all those lovely soft and clean sheets. It makes a perfect place to hide and on top of everything it seems pretty nice and comfy. This together with the laundry basket definitely make the most comfy places to hide at out of all the seven.

Hiding behind the books on a bookshelf is quite the smart idea. No one suspects for the cat to be interested in books so it can stay there for as long as she likes. Another such place where you just don’t expect to find your cat at is the drawer. A cat staying in a closed drawer is indeed quite unusual place to find a cat at.

The other two hiding places where you might not think of looking for your cat at besides the drawer are the kitchen cabinets and behind the blinds. If your cat feels playful, she might be found in your bag or any other paper or plastic bag around the house.

The last hiding place is quite a common place. If you have a cat tunnel you know they love to spend their time there, whether they are feeling playful or they just want to chill.

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