The Training of the Harry Potter Cats & Everything Else about Them!

Ok ladies and gents, I know you all love the Harry Potter movies, or maybe the books even. Guys love Emma Watson, nerds love the story, and some of us love what is actually the best in the movie. I giveee youuu, the HARRY POTTER CATS!

The Path to Hollywood…

The lady who trains the Harry Potter Cats, goes on and on about the training of the little kittens. Just when we thought our jobs were exhausting and mundane, huh? The lady uses a few tools to lure the kittens into running through the cat flap. The clicker serves its purpose of tricking the Harry Potter cats into running through the flap, grabbing their little treats. Then comes the buzzer, which makes of course the buzzing noise, which means that the reward for the kittens is nearby. The buzzer made them run like crazy. What she did next was dividing the cats in what they were best at. Here are the categories they were swamped into:

1. Fleur- Little princess kitten (sits nicely and enjoys being dressed up in her costume)
2. Nox – Stunt kitten (he’s completely crazy and enjoys running)
3. Fletcher (Rogue kitten, likes to be dressed in his wizard costume)
4. Nala (Sensible kitten, enjoys sitting in her costume, looking all shiny and beautiful, Hollywood, here she comes)
5. Rita (Diva kitten)
6. Marbles (Action cat, enjoys running through the flap)

The 3 Best Harry Potter Cats!

All of these kittens underwent some serious training, were given loads of treats and became the big tiger-like cats that we all saw at the Ministry of Magic.

• Crookshanks, the maleficent ginger, was a pretty biiig cat that accompanied Hermoine. Its squashy face got her anywhere. According to its trainer, it was quite an obedient little tiger.
• The McGonagalls’ cat was the baby pet of the family. Isobel McGonagall noticed her daughter Minerva was a witch when she started doing some little bit of magic, such as the cat doing the infant’s bidding before she was able to talk.

Harry Potter Cats training details best Crookshanks McGonagalls 2
Photo via Pet Friends

• Then we also have Patronus, the Persian cat of Dolores Umbridge, who thought that decorating her office with plates of kittens with a bow around their neck was a good idea. Can’t argue with tastes.

Harry Potter also had its moments, and everything about the movies was, you know, magical, but the Harry Potter cats really got to us all, give me at least that!

Source & More Info:
The Crimson
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