The Amazing Transformation & Heartwarming Story of Coconut the Dog!

Generally, I am disgusted by humans. I think people are evil, vicious, ungrateful air wasters. But on some days like this, when the sun shines a little bit brighter I stumble upon these amazing, heartwarming stories like the one of Coconut the dog and I just wanna go over this person’s home, hug her and thank her for her mere existence.

Coconut the dog Rescue Stray Mexico transformation before after saved 4

On their journey in Cozumel, Mexico the IFAW team encountered a stray dog covered in used motor oil and starved to death. It was then when the life of Coconut the dog changed forever.

Coconut’s story is the one of every second stray dog on the streets basically everywhere. Irresponsible and cruel owner decide that they need their pets no longer and throw them in the middle of nowhere like a pile of garbage. Most of them die, ran over by motor vehicles, attacked by another animal(s) , starvation or some terrible disease. But every now and then the stars align and some kind people hear or see these poor babies. They give them a forever home and a chance to a new life. It is the case of Coconut the dog.

Coconut the dog Rescue Stray Mexico transformation before after saved 1

The guys from Humane Society of Cozumel Island (HSCI), took Coconut off the street and provided him with immediate medical assistance. The lady who wanted to adopt him was aware that he might not survive this struggle, but she anyways welcomed him in her heart.

He had wounds all over his body, was extremely starved and had heart worms as well. All he probably knew was how to be chased away and beaten up. He got his bubble, medical bath, his mani pedi, his brand new haircut and the appropriate medical help. The brave little fella got through all this bravely and stronger than ever before. Deep inside he knew that this was going to be his last struggle so he gave everything that he got. And I am more than happy to write this happy ending story and witness from afar the second chance that this dog was given.

But in the arms of this magnificent, good woman he forgot everything. He was successfully cured and got his forever home in Mexico. Now he is living the vida loca with his kind, loving owners.

I am sure that will never aging know what’s pain, hunger or mistreatment.

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