Beautiful Transformation: Terrified Abandoned Kitten Got a New Life!

This heart-touching story is all about a little abandoned kitten who was lucky to find himself a wonderful dad.

Hetty abandoned kitten new life transformation road rescue 1

Hetty the Abandoned Kitten Finds a Happy Home!

Peter is this little kitten’s hero. She was found on a roadside near a drainage. Unable to move from fatigue and hunger, the only response he got from the kitten when he got close was meowing. She was unable to run nor hide so she just kept lying there and waiting to be rescued.

The little kitten was pretty exhausted, hungry and dehydrated. After giving her a drink she was finally able to catch her breath and relax. She got pretty comfortable with her new daddy and after some pets on the head began to purr. She trusted him completely and fell asleep in his arms, being peaceful and safe like she hasn’t been before.

The next thing that they decided to do is take her to the veterinarian centre where she got fully examined. Luckily all this cute abandoned kitty needed was a nice bath and some yummy food.

Peter decided to adopt the kitten and welcomed her in her new home. One thing she got as soon as they got home was a nice full bottle of milk which she guzzles right away. After being well-fed, the little cutie gets a gentle bath. The bath is going to make such a difference in her looks. Now she is able to show off her wonderful white fur. They named her Hetty and now she finally gets all the love she was lacking so far.

Hetty is no longer the terrified abandoned kitten she used to be. With all the love she gets she is able to overcome all her fears and live a happily ever after with her new family. Witness her transformation in the video below!

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