Tree Kangaroos – Fluffy Animals Whose Population Keeps Declining!

Tree kangaroos look a lot like their relatives, but they are a lot fluffier than any other kangaroo on the planet.

There are around 14 species of the tree kangaroos. These fascinating animals can be mostly found in Papua, Papua New Guinea and the rain forests of Australia. Unfortunately not a lot is known about their behavior, but it is believed that they are mostly solitary animals.

While Australia is the home of a lot of the marsupials, the population of these fluffy animals is constantly decreasing. This is, for the most part, due to the destruction of their habitat. The deforestation and poaching has been significantly affecting their numbers.

However, the first tree kangaroo born in captivity was born in June 2016 at the Perth Zoo. This gives everyone hope that it the tree kangaroos will not become extinct.

They are really adorable so beware, they might steal your heart.

Photo Credits: Bored Panda

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