New Trend: Raccoon Cafes Are Now a Thing in Seoul!

There are a lot of amazing and sometimes weird looking places you can visit in Seoul, Korea. You can find cat and dog cafes all over the city, occasionally a sheep cafe as well. Now they also have raccoon cafes and people are for sure shocked about it.

We have all been familiar with cat cafes and the whole hype about them has ceased a long time ago. Now however, the raccoon cafes are completely changing the game. People will definitely argue whether or not it is OK to keep raccoon at places like this. After all, raccoons do belong in the wild.

Nevertheless, at the Blind Alley Cafe the customers can play with the raccoons and observe them. You can see how these lovely creatures spend their day while you have a cup of coffee or you’re trying to cool off with some patbingsu.

Would you visit a place like this?

Let us know in the comments below.

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