Woman Was Trying to Get Her Baby to Say Mama, but Their Dog Beat Him to the Punch!

Patch is truly a brilliant dog, not only because he was able to say mama, but mostly because he  takes care of his humans. When it comes to treats though, he wants to get them and he will do whatever it takes. Even if the treat was not for him the first place, but for his baby human.

The miniature Shepherd became a part of Andrea Diaz-Giovanini’s family in order to take care of the grandmother. He was by her side after she suffered a brain injury which was caused by a car accident.

Andrea was trying to teach Sam how to say mama. She though that offering him food would motivate the 9 months-old baby to say it even more. However, with Patch by his side he didn’t even get the chance. The smart pup beat him to it and it is absolutely hilarious.


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