Tutorial: How to Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep!

Jackson Galaxy has all the tips and tricks when it comes to training your cat to let you sleep without waking up. One of the most important things that cat owners need to have in mind is that cats do have a natural body clock. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do something to change it and adjust it to ours.

If your cat is a free-eater, it is very likely that they will wake you up during the night. Changing your cat from a free-eater to a meal-feeder might be a big change, but your cat will get used to it.

Playing with her before her last meal is essential and make sure that you ignore them whenever they wake you up during the night. No matter what she does, don’t give her any type of attention. If you endure this for 13 days, you will finally get your well-earned rest.

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