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Two Dogs Meet Foster Kitten for the 1st Time! The Cutest Video Ever?

Wally and Buster were living a happy and cozy life together in their lovely home. One day a couple of kittens were brought into their house and they had to share their space. A foster kitten named Louise, desperately wanted to get their attention.

The dogs tried to continue living their lives as peacefully as they can besides the huge change, but Louise had other plans on her mind. Her first encounter with the dogs happened after the dogs came home after a walk and Louise was taking a nap in their favorite spot. However, Wally and Busty continued ignoring Louise.

The little kitten has had enough and figured out a way to get their attention. Climbing up the curtain seemed like a nice plan, but getting back down on the ground turned out to be a problem.

Isn’t she super cute?

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