Two-Faced Kitten Bettie Bee Beats the Odds and Survives!

The tiny miracle kitty named Bettie Bee is a two-faced kitten which has three eyes, two mouths and two noses. She was born in Eastern Cape, South Africa on the 12th December in a litter of three kittens.

Her rare congenital disorder is called Diprosopus and these cats are more commonly known as Janus cats. She is definitely not the first kitten born with this disorder. Fortunately, it is not impossible for these cats to live a normal and long life. The longest surviving Janus cat is Frankenlouie and he reached the age of fifteen.

However, when Bettie Bee’s caregiver took her to a vet, she was told that the best thing to do is to put the little kitten to sleep. Her human mommy was never planning on such a thing and she really wanted to give her a chance to live.

The Two-Faced Kitten Gets Bigger & Stronger Every Day!

Her two faces were making it difficult for her to nurse, but with a human to feed her she had no problems eating. According to her caregiver Bettie Bee can eat through both mouths and she can swallow just fine. She is feeding the two-faced kitten with a tube around-the-clock and the kitten is only getting bigger and stronger every day.

Even though, her survival odds are very slim she is quite a fighter and has no plan on giving up. She began crawling around and opened her eyes on the sixth day. Her two middle eyes are actually one bigger eye. She is gaining around 27 grams a day and she is ready to reach new milestones.

Bettie Bee was very lucky to find a human mommy who is never going to give up on her. She is ready to do anything for the two-faced kitten to get strong and have a happy life surrounded by people who will give her lots of love.

Photo Credits: Bettie Bee FB Page

6 days today

Posted by Bettie Bee on Monday, December 18, 2017

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