These Two Rescued Cats Can’t Stop Cuddling After Meeting Each Other!

Actually, the two rescued cats will focus our attention on are now siblings. And there was not much love when they first met. One of the cats, Mori, was rescued first in Puerto Rico. And, just as Mori got used to being the only cat in the house, living like a king, Louie came. Mori’s first reaction was rather unfriendly, protective of his role in the house and characterized with hissing and general dislike.

But, the situation completely changed when Louie decided to break the ice. Louie fearlessly approached Mori and started grooming and hugging. Mori couldn’t resist and now not only are the two best friends, but they are real brothers. They wrestle like brothers, play like brothers and love each other like brothers. They spend their time showing mutual love and appreciation, and of course, making jokes to one another.

Oh, they may not share the same blood, but they sure share the same emotions.

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