After 2 Years, Woman Finds Her Lost Cat Through a Facebook Page!

Jimmy was a lovely domestic cat who was enjoying his freedom to go outside every day. He would go on little adventures in the neighborhood, but never too far away from home. When he never came back on September 13, 2014, his family was devastated. This lost cat was finally found 2 and a half years later, when Sue Zelitsky was looking at a shelter’s Facebook page.

She saw a cat which looked exactly like her Jimmy and decided to contact the shelter right away. After exchanging some messages with West Milford Animal Shelter, she finally payed a visit to make sure that it is really her cat.

Jimmy was found 10 miles away from home, but it was finally time to go back. When they met him, he immediately recognized them and gave them some lovely cuddles.

Isn’t this a very happy story?

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