Adorable & Unusual Friendship! These Cat and Parrot Are BFF!

It might not be recommendable to own a parrot and a cat as pets, but sometimes it turns out not to be such a bad idea. This unusual friendship between a parrot and a cat is a proof that there are no boundaries when it comes to love and respect.

unusual friendship cat parrot african grey enzo Kimi Raikkonen 2

The Meaning of This Unusual Friendship!

There are multiple reasons why it’s not always a great idea to have both a parrot and a cat as pets. One of them is that cats are natural predators. There is no proof that your cats natural hunting instincts are not going to make a big difference. Cats have a strong desire to hunt things and without enough supervision over them, your parrot might just end up being your cat’s prey. Before you decide to bring a parrot in your family, take into consideration having enough time to make sure that parrot is safe.

Another really important things to know is the existence of zoonotic diseases. These diseases are passed between cats and birds. You might not even be aware that your cat is a carrier of a disease like this since it doesn’t affect the cat. A single exposure of the cat to a parrot though cat be a great danger.

This household clearly doesn’t have any problems such as the ones we mentioned. The African Grey called Kimi Raikkonen and Enzo the cat are getting along just perfectly. They like spending time together and love to play with each other. In the video you can see that probably one of the parrot’s favourite activities is biting Enzo’s tail. Biting Enzo’s face seems pretty satisfying overall and Enzo doesn’t mind it at all. They also like spending some time next to each other enjoying the view outside or even sleeping next to each other.

We hope that the unusual friendship between these two little buddies will last a very long time.

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