Neighborhood Cat Falls in Love and Keeps Visiting Her ‘Lover’!

This adorable story began back in 2015 in Wales, UK when Conrad and his human were chilling in the yard and the neighborhood cat popped up. The new kitty and Conrad immediately got along and played all over the yard. After Lola left though, no one knew if the two love birds were going to see each other ever again.

The sweet kitty came back to see her new friend only a week later. She made herself comfortable in her friend’s home from the first encounter, so Conrad’s family started calling her his girlfriend.

Since their friendship was flourishing, Lola started to visit even more often. For over two years these beautiful kitties has been meeting at their usual time almost every day and enjoyed their playful dates. They have gotten so close that Conrad doesn’t even mind when Lola is munching on some of his treats.


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