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Walking Cats on Leashes – a New Trend We Must All IGNORE or NOT?!

Walking cats on leashes out in the open is the new way of socializing them. Keeping your cat inside does not do any good for the cat as well for you.

Even if your cat is living and growing in your house you cannot notice that they like to explore a lot. So why would you restrain them the right to be out breathing the fresh air?!

Walking Cats on Leashes – Yes or No?

People that own cats strongly believe that cats need to explore the outside of the world. But, whether they are supposed to be put on leashes or harnesses, well that is the million dollar question. Since cats are territorial creatures putting them on a leash will make them feel limited and stressed. Being trapped in a harness will make them lose control and helpless. The Animal Association states that not all cats like being put on leashes, but all should be given the opportunity.

When you consider putting your cat on a leash you should first do the home training. Try putting the harness on the cat while you treat it with wet food to keep it distracted. Leave it strapped around the cat’s body to get used to it and allow it to play with the leash. Once you think that your cat is comfortable with the harness on it, and then you may take it outside. For your first day out try to be in a fenced place and less stimulated, or, you may consider putting the cat in a crate. Taking your cat in a crate outside so it may get familiar with the loud noise of the city. The overwhelming masses of people will be the next best thing. But, be aware, once your cat tastes the feeling of fresh outdoor air it may be difficult for you to open your door without them trying to leave.

Walking cats on leashes it might not turn out as planned. Not all cats want to be trapped, but all cats want to enjoy the outdoors. So consider building catio on your terrace. Fenced, open space just for your cat may be great if she doesn’t like to be walked around strapped in a harness and a leash. This means, having a catio will ease the minds of the ones that don’t want to put their cats on a leash and get a happy cat anyway.

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