WEIRD NOISES! Is This Cat Summoning a Demon?

Cats are lovely creatures, but sometimes they tend to get really weird. This case is no exception. The cat in the video is making some weird noises and they might freak you out.

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Cat Is Making Weird Noises While Having Its Rear End Groomed!

Cats love to be pet and to be groomed, whenever they want to be of course. You might think you are the owner, but we all know who the real boss is. If she doesn’t want to be groomed she is not just going to sit down and let you do it. Grooming them can be a tedious task sometimes, but if you have a cat that is similar to this one you will have a blast.

There have been plenty of videos circling on the internet of cats getting their rear end scratched or groomed like this one. What’s common about them is that the cats in those videos seem to have some connection with demons. No matter how you want to look at it, the weird noises they produce while being scratched are unreal. It sounds as if they are really trying to summon a demon or something of that sort. Another thing that is making this cat look like a Satan worshipper is its color. The black and brown is definitely not working in its favor.

Cats have sensitive rear ends since there are a lot of nerves concentrated in that area. It is only normal for them to have some sort of response when having their back scratched. Not every cat will respond the same, some might be more sensitive than others. Some lift their rear ends whenever they are scratched and others make weird noises like this particular cat.

If you end up with a cat that does these noises, don’t be scared. You don’t need to search for an exorcist, we guarantee you she is not possessed.

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