A Wild Ocelot Cat Has an Amazing Interaction with This Man!

In the rain forests of Costa Rica lives an animal that all cat lovers are going to really like. These animals aren’t often seen by humans. In this particular case though, the interaction that this man has with an Ocelot cat is absolutely amazing.

These wild cats can mostly be found in the South American rain forests. Coyote Peterson met this ocelot cat on one of his adventures and he was in complete shock. Not only was he able to see this animal up close, but the wild cat decided to playfully attack him.

While a fully grown ocelot can do a lot of damage and shred you to pieces, this cutie decided to just play and have some fun with this human. She even gave him a couple of kisses and smacks on the face.

Isn’t this wild kitty beautiful?

Let us know if you’ve ever heard of these wild kitties before in the comments below.

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